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At KC Towing and Repair Service in Billings, MT, we are the most easy going tow company in the area. We care for our customers and treat them like family. We are offer affordable and reliable care. We are open 24 hours to accommodate most towing and repair needs. If we can't do it, we will find someone who can. That's our guarantee.

Our combination of service and price can't be beat. You won't find better value in towing anywhere else. We empower you with knowledge about your car's condition, and when the customer is informed, you always get the best deal possible.

Clients expect nothing less than the best in auto repair and we always deliver on that promise. That's a guarantee. I am the easiest person in the area to do business with when it comes to towing and/or repair. No job is to big or to small. Just give KC a call at 406-371-5427.


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